I’m Paul Rogov, serial technological entrepreneur with strong digital marketing, full-stack web-development and a little bit of Linux + DevOps skills.

What this blog is about?

There are three major questions that are super exciting for me hopefully for you as well. I decided to dedicate my life to search for answers to them, implement my findings and share the experience and outcomes received.

  1. How to create absolutely amazing products that solve painful problem of many people while making the development process as quick as possible?
  2. How to bring attention to the product you’ve created, drive leads from all over the world and nurture loyal customers?
  3. How to live your life maintaining enough energy and motivation going forward with the two goals above and avoid feeling of regret that you’d spent all your life working and missed so much precious moments, time and opportunities?

What are the best way to look for the answers to these tricky endless questions? Be open-minded, attentively learn experience of others, come up with own know-hows, implement the ideas, work hard and practice what you found out and track the results. Thus, there are will be several other sections of the blog:

  • Case-studies of successful companies
  • Business book reviews
  • Biographies and interviews with successful entreprenuers